Not often do you get THREE choices when you find your dream lot. You can build your home yourself, being your own general contractor, you can hire the builder of your choice (BYOB), or use Pristine Homes, the only builder that has committed to selling in the community.


Be Your Own Contractor

Do you have the skills to build your own home? Want to save money? Believe no one is better able to provide EXACTLY what your family needs than you are yourself? Than prepare to pick up the hammer (or just the plans and direct everyone), and build your dream home.


Bring Your Own Builder (BYOB)

Have you had a GREAT experience with a builder before? If you have your favorite builder already chosen, then why take a chance on anything else. Give the responsiblity for building your family's home to their professional team. We look forward to working with them.


Pristine Homes

Pristine Homes is an award winning small custom home builder, having won the prestigous Golden Hammer (10 Years, no complaints to Alberta New Home Warranty), the SAM Awards for Customer Satisfaction, and is the only builder who has committed to the entire development.